Republic of Kosovo begins with regular reporting of the external sector statistics to Eurostat


The Republic of Kosovo started with its regular reporting of external sector statistics (ESS) to Eurostat, making a very important step in the development of the statistics system. ESS of Kosovo is now presented in the "Database" of Eurostat


Kosovo is committed to use Eurostat's database as a general framework in the further advancement of the national system of dissemination of statistics, in accordance with the practices of the European Union (EU). Kosovo's participation in Eurostat with its ESS is a major milestone in the development of statistics in the country. Kosovo will benefit from the publication of data in Eurostat and this participation will lead to the production and dissemination of accurate and reliable statistics. Eurostat reporting provides an opportunity to further develop the system of dissemination of statistics for our country. Eurostat is the statistical office of the EU and its mission is to provide high quality statistics for European countries. Eurostat database is available in a full range of data available to the general public. The data are published in multi-dimensional tables, with different features to select and numerous opportunities to export those data in different formats.

Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK), at the end of December 2016 sent to Eurostat its data for four datasets, including time series for previous years. The data on balance of payments, international investment position statistics on international trade services and direct investment statistics will now be available from Eurostat. Compilation of these statistics is in full compliance with the reporting requirements of the EU.

In the Eurostat database, data on ESS are published under the domain "Economy and finance" in the sub-category “Balance of payments by country - quarterly data (BPM6)”. Some tables will be published in the days to come, while some of the already published data can be directly accessed from the links shown below:

 Database by themes
 Balance of payments by country - quarterly data (BPM6) (bop_c6_q)
 International investment position - quarterly and annual data (BPM6) (bop_iip6_q)
 Tables by themes
 Current account transactions - credits, debits and balance (tec00038)
 Current account transactions - goods: credits, debits and balance (tec00039)
 Current account transactions - services: credits, debits and balance (tec00040)
 Current account transactions - primary income: credits, debits and balance (tec00041)
 Current account transactions - secondary income: credits, debits and balance (tec00042)