The Commission for selection of candidates for members of the KPST Board of Directors, consisting of the temporary Governor of the CBK, Mr. Bashkim Nurboja (chairman), Minister of Finance, Labor and Transfers, Mr. Hekuran Murati, and the Auditor General, Mrs. Vlora Spanca, today held a meeting to discuss the further proceedings to ensure the fastest possible filling of the vacant positions of the members of the Board of Directors of the KPST. The representative of the technical assistance project of the British Embassy for recruitment to high public positions in Kosovo also participated in the meeting.
Assessing that in the last competition announced for these positions, there were deficiencies in the search for the necessary information to ensure an objective evaluation and verification of the candidates within a reasonable period of time, the Commission unanimously decided that this competition be re-announced with the necessary additions. The completed competition will be announced next week and the selection process will be assisted within the British Embassy project in question.