National Payments Council

National Payments Council

On March 9, 2010, at the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK), the National Payments Council (NPC) was established. In NPC, the CBK has a leading role and will be represented by the Governor and Deputy Governor of central bank functions. Besides them, members of the NPC will include the Director of Treasury Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Director of the Kosovo Bankers Association and the managing directors of commercial banks. NPC foundation is meant to support the development of a stable and efficient system for clearing and settlement of payments and securities in Kosovo. NPC represents the central component of cooperation between relevant stakeholders within the national payment system.

The NPC will provide an important tool for constructive discussions between stakeholders of national payments system. NPC foundation is envisioned in the development strategy of the national payments system and in the medium term it will have an important role in implementing this strategy.

•    National Payments Council – Terms of Reference

Working group within NPC:

Project management group for reducing cash transactions in Kosovo

•    Terms of Reference – Reducing cash transactions in Kosovo

First meeting       December 2, 2010      Meeting minutes and Presentation

Second meeting   January 26, 2011       Meeting minutes and Presentation

Third meeting 
     June 15, 2011            Meeting minutes and Presentation

Fourth meeting 
   September 21, 2011   Meeting minutes and Presentation

Fifth meeting       December 14, 2011    Meeting minutes and Presentation

Sixth meeting      January 30, 2012       Meeting minutes and Presentation

Seventh meeting  June 26, 2012           Meeting minutes and Presentation

Eighth meeting     September 19, 2012  Meeting minutes and Presentation

Ninth meeting      November 23, 2012    Meeting minutes, Presentation1 and Presentation2

Tenth meeting       February 22, 2013      Meeting minutes and Presentation

Eleventh meeting  September 5, 2013    Meeting minutes and Presentation