Money Week activity at the Economics Faculty, University of Prishtina, lectures on “Development of the securities market in the Republic of Kosovo”


After a series of activities held at the country level with students of elementary schools and high schools, Central Bank of Kosovo has continued to mark the International Money Week at University level. During the celebration of this event, officials of the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK) held a lecture to students of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Prishtina with the topic "Development of market of securities in the Republic of Kosovo".

The lecture was held by Shkëndije Nahi, Head of Asset Management Department at CBK. In this lecture was discussed about the Government’s securities market, the role of CBK in this process, instruments and the importance of securities market, market participants and conditions of participation in the primary and secondary market.
Students expressed their interest by being involved in discussions with questions posed and open discussion on topics covering the areas of securities market. Most interest among students raised the simulation of an auction for government securities, as well as transactions in the secondary market. It was the first time that students had the opportunity to sees live the way an auction of securities trading is organized and function. Finally the Vice Dean on educational issues Prof. Dr. Driton Balaj at the Faculty of Economics thanked the management of CBK for the opportunity given to the students of Faculty of Economics, who could had the opportunity to closely attend an excellent and very helpful lecture. He promised to the students that during the year will have the opportunity to attend other lectures by experts of the CBK. He also thanked CBK for the assistance offered to outstanding students, enabling them holding practice during the summer months at the CBK.