Monetary and Financial Statistics of Kosovo have been published at the IMF


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo published monetary and financial statistics at the IMF, immediately after becoming a member of this institution.

Almost a decade of an effort of the CBK in compiling monetary and financial statistics have been concluded with the official admission and publication of these statistics at the IMF’s International Financial Statistics starting from August 2009. The statistics are in line with the international standards on compilation and dissemination of statistical information, thus, representing an important step in improving the infrastructure of economic statistics in Kosovo.

This success is the result of a clear vision, recruitment of a professional staff, teamwork and utilization of the technical assistance provided by the IMF, stated Gani Gërguri, Deputy Governor of the CBK.

Earlier phases of compilation of monetary and financial statistics were characterized with the collection of banking sector statistics in a relatively simple format. During 2004-2005 two very important projects for compiling monetary and financial statistics were launched and implemented: Statistical Bank Report and Interest Rate Report, including the development of an original software which contributed to the increase of quality and efficiency in compilation of statistical information. The range of produced statistics included Other Financial Corporations (insurance companies, pension funds, micro financial institutions, etc.) covering this way the entire financial sector, a characteristic for countries with advanced statistical systems. Apart from this success, the CBK is making substantial progress in producing high quality balance of payments statistics.