Regulation on systems and information security for pension funds (28.02.2024)Pensions
Regulation on external audit of pension funds and pension providers (30.06.2022)Pensions
Regulation on pension benefits of supplementary employer pension funds (8.06.2022)Pensions
Regulation on transfers and transfer payments of pension assets (27.01.2022)Pensions
Regulation on determination of pension beneficiaries (27.01.2022)Pensions
Regulation on record-keeping in pension funds and pension providers (12.06.2020)Pensions
Regulation on supplementary individual pensions (30.09.2019)Pensions
Regulation on funding and actuarial valuation of defined benefit pensions (29.11.2018)Pensions
Regulation for the establishment of the supplementary employer pension fund (29.11.2018)Pensions
Regulation on asset managers of pension assets(29.11.2018)Pensions
Regulation on the establishment of the supplementary individual pension by pension providers (29.11.2018)Pensions
Regulation on internal controls and internal auditing of pension funds (29.06.2017)Pensions
Regulation on pension assets and valuation of pension assets (29.06.2017)Pensions
Regulation on the Amount of Pension Contributions(27.04.2017)Pensions
Regulation on reporting of the kosovo pension savings trust (30.03.2017) Pensions
Regulation on Investment of Pension Assets (23.02.2017)Pensions
Regulation on reporting of supplementary pension funds (24.11.2016)Pensions
Regulation on the Custodian of Pension Assets (31.10.2016)Pensions
Rule on the Custodian of Pension Assets (31.10.2016)Pensions
Regulation on the payment of individual savings pensions (31.08.2016) Pensions
Regulation On Defining The Conditions And Criteria For Withdrawal Of Funds From KPST By Participants With Permanent Emigration (23.06.2015)Pensions
Regulation on Individual Accounts of Participants (30.04.2015)Pensions
Regulation on licensing of supplementary individual pension providers  (29.12.2014)Pensions
Regulation on licensing of supplementary employer pension funds (29.12.2014)Pensions
Regulation on licensing of pension fund asset managers  (30.10.2014)Pensions