Regulation  on reporting of microfinance institutions (31.03.2016)MF 
Credit Risk Management for Microfinance Institutions (29.08.2013)MF 
Effective Interest Rate and Microfinance Institutions Disclosure Requirements (29.08.2013)MF 
External Audit (29.08.2013)MF 
Internal Control and Internal Audit of Micro financial Institutions (29.08.2013)MF 
Limits to Holdings of Real Estate and Movable Property (29.08.2013)MF 
Liquidity Risk Management for Microfinance Institutions (29.08.2013)MF 
Microfinance Institutions Reporting to CBK (29.08.2013)MF 
Regulation on agents and subcontracting of activities of the payment service providers (29.11.2019)  
Regulation on internal controls and internal audit of non-bank financial institutions(27.12.2019)NBFI 
Regulation on issuance of electronic money (29.11.2019)  
Regulation on Registration, Supervision and Activities of NBFINBFI 
Regulation on regulatory capital and safeguarding the funds of non-bank financial institutions’ customers (29.11.2019)  
Regulation on reporting of non-bank financial institutions (31.03.2016)NFBI 
Regulation on the external audit of non-bank financial institutions(27.12.2019)NBFI 
Regulation on the registration of microfinance institutions (12.06.2020)NBFI 
Regulation on the registration of non-banking financial institutions   (30.04.2020)  
Regulation  on credit risk management for non-bank financial institutions(31.01.2019)NFBI 
Regulationon effective intrerest rate and disclosure requirements for non bank financial institutions(31.01.2019)NFBI