Guideline on policies and procedures for the effective management of money laundering and terrorist financing (ml/tf) risks when providing access to financial services (07.05.2024)Financial Supervision
Guideline on customer due diligence and factors that banks and financial institutions should consider when assessing the risk of money laundering and terrorism financing (29.12.2023)Financial Supervision
Guideline on the organization and functioning of national payment council (29.12.2023)Payment System
Instruction on the criteria for the appointment of administrators and liquidators of financial institutions (5.07.2023)Financial Supervision
Methodological instructions for reporting the net stable funding ratio (22.06.2022)Financial Supervision
Instructions on the reporting of the liquidity coverage ratio (22.06.2022)
Financial Supervision
Instruction on the use of the form on the origin of the funds and the determination of the property right holder (2.02.2021)Financial Supervision
Bank Account Holder Registry 
Instruction on reporting of electronic money payment instruments (12.11.2020)
Calculation and registration of deferred acquisition cost-DAC in financial statements  
Credit Registry 
Due diligence Standards for Banknote Recycling by Commercial Banks  
Enforcement f Procedures on the manner of selling TPL policies via the online system 
Enforcement of Executive Decisions by debiting Client`s accounts  
Instruction on loan restructurring due to covid-19 (02.02.2021)
Instruction on loan restructuring due to covid-19 (27.08.2020) repealedFinancial Supervision
Guideline on loan restructuring due to covid-19 – (08.06.2020) repealedFinancial Supervision
Implementation of Enforcement Rulings by debiting Client`s bank accounts (4 August) 
Instruction No. 01/2015 on Verification of Criminal Records for Main Shareholders, Directors and Senior Managers of Financial Institutions 
Instruction on classes of insurance  (10.03.2020) 
Instruction on consumer credit information form (01.02.2019)Financial Supervision
Instruction on identification of beneficial owners 
Insurance Premium Payment through Banking System  
Manner of Policy Insurance of Compulsory Third Party Liability for Motor Vehicles Registered for the First Time in Kosovo 
Minimum Standards for Fitnes Sorting of Euro Banknotes by Commercial Parties  
Packaging Euro Banknotes and Coins for Bulk Lodgement 
Replacing damaged Euro banknotes 
Retaining Counterfeited Euro Banknotes and Coins from Circulation