Kosovo Economy at a glance


Today the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo launched a new webpage with statistical information on Kosovo’s key economic indicators, thus advancing toward the statistics publication standards. The website has been named as “Kosovo economy at a glance” as it contains a brief overview of key economic indicators. The data published in this format are a response to the requests made by users for having all key statistical indicators in one place. The key indicators included in this page are: Gross Domestic Product, prices, labour market, foreign sector, exchange rates, interest rates, credits, government finances and population: The data are published in the form of tables and graphs.

The website with the published data is available at Statistics / Main economic indicators

 (link: https://bqk-kos.org/eag/sq/). The data shall be published pursuant to the schedule, 90 days following the referring quarter for which they are published. The main data sources are: CBK, Kosovo Agency of Statistics, Ministry of Finances, Central Bank of Europe, and Reuters Agency.

For more information, visit the following accompanying pages:

Version in Albanian language:

 Version in English language:

The Serbian language version is under preparation and shall be published upon finalization.


Dashboard: Graphs of statistical indicators

Download the PDF version of Graphics