Kosovar and European students complete the professional practice in CBK


Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, Fehmi Mehmenti, handed over the certificates for students of universities and colleges who successfully completed the internship programme for 2018 in CBK.
Governor Mehmeti congratulated students for their work and encouraged them to continue their engagement.
“Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo will continue supporting this programme by providing the opportunity to all students to learn for best international practices. The organization of this traditional internship aims at enabling students to link theoretical knowledge acquired during their studies with the practical work in independent public institutions”. 
On the other hand, students thanked the whole CBK staff for the readiness to help them in successfully completing the internship.
CBK internship programme for students lasts one month and this year’s internship is characterized with the participation of students from Germany and Italy.
The main objective of this programme is sharing of CBK staff experience with selected students and implementation of concrete projects, whereas successful candidates are selected based on their results in studies and motivation to be part of the professional practice in CBK.
During the internship, selected students were placed in certain organizational units of CBK and worked under the instructions of relevant units supervisors.