Joint Seminar organized by FED and CBK


From 22nd  June to 26thJune, in cooperation with the US “Federal Reserve System”-FED and Central Bank of Republic of Kosova-CBK ,it was organized a training-regional seminar with a topic “Risk-Focused Supervision and Risk Assessment”(Focused oversight in Risk and Risk estimation).

It was an intensive training targeting on all CBK banking supervisors, Banking Regulative Supervising Authority of Turkey (BRSA) and Central Bank of Albania, who gained experiences from this training that was offered by two FED experts, who traveled to Prishtina especially to offer this training.

Primary training objective was to familiarize participants with the risk focused examination process, risk estimations of banking activities as well as estimation techniques of these risks.

Also, this seminar (training) had an interactive character by simulating various credit, operation, liquidity risk cases and market ones, and it reached problem resolution on the bases of a team work, which latter on was presented by participants of seminar.

It’s worth mentioning, that after successful completion of seminar, the FED and CBK delivered the ” Attendance Certificate “ to participants for the offered training. FED instructors were quite satisfied with the level of knowledge of participants and without hesitating expressed their readiness to offer trainings on banking supervision again in Kosovo, but also to invite participants from Kosovo for training in FED-USA.