IMF-World Bank Spring Meetings


Acting Governor Gani Gerguri and Deputy Governor Nexhat Kryeziu, were part of the Republic of Kosovo delegation in the IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings in   Washington D.C.

Besides participating in the Belgian-Austrian constituency meeting at IMF and World Bank, Mr. Gerguri met also with the team of IMF mission to Kosovo headed by Mr. Costas Christou and other leaders of the IMF departments like the one for monetary and capital markets, statistics and department and finance department. 

During these meetings were discussed the latest developments in the financial sector with particular focus on the banking system, while the Kosovo was complimented for its  significant progress regarding the membership as a 98 country in the GDDS project at the IMF. There were also identified other areas in which the IMF will continue to provide technical assistance. In meetings with the World Bank officials were elaborated in details the aspects for implementation of the Law on Deposit Insurance System in Kosovo and the World Bank ongoing missions regarding the evaluation of corporate governance standards and assessment of the creditors / debtors insolvency in the banking sector of Kosovo.

During that time, Mr.Gerguri met with U.S. Treasury Department seniors (Mr.Christopher Smart) as well as with those of the State Department  (Mr.Thomas Countryman) and discussed on the matters of deepening the technical assistance and economic development of Kosovo.