Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro visited the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo


Mr. Bedri Hamza, Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo with his associates hosted Mr. Milojica Dakic, Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro. Initially, Governor Hamza thanking Mr.Dakic and his delegation for the visit, pointed out the very good cooperation at all levels between the two institutions and continued with a detailed explanation of the economic and financial developments in Kosovo, with special emphasis on the banking industry, insurance industry and the challenges the system passed and those still facing. Governor informed Mr. Dakic that all parameters and indicators of current developments refer to an overall assessment of a sound and liquid system that is recording positive developments in all sectors. During the conversation, two governors exchanged information on developments in general as well as trends and challenges that are facing the financial sectors of both countries. Governor Hamza thanked Mr. Dakic for the high level and professional cooperation between the CBK and the Bank of Montenegro wishing an ongoing advancement of the cooperation conform to the willingness of both parties either through the exchange of experiences of experts of both banks or by the presence and contribution in various regional round-tables and beyond. Governor Dakic thanked the hospitality and the continuous cooperation that the Bank of Montenegro has with the CBK, expressing the willingness to deepen and expand further areas of cooperation which correspond to developments of contemporary practices.

On the other side Governor Hamza expressed the CBK readiness, based on the spirit of good cooperation, in providing the assistance to various areas the Bank of Montenegro considers important for the exchange of best practices.
During the meeting Mr. Dakic thanked Governor Hamza and the CBK, promising that the meetings between two institutions and professional cooperation with the CBK will continue, reaffirming the willingness of the institution he leads in supporting and further cooperation with the CBK in addressing issues that are considered of common interest.
The Governor of Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Bedri Hamza and the Governor of Central Bank of Montenegro, Mr. Milojica Dakic signed earlier an agreement of understanding regulating many areas of mutual cooperation between the two banking institutions.
At the end of his visit, Governor Dakic and his associates accompanied by Governor Hamza visited the city of Prizren.