Governor of the Central Bank of Kosovo, Mr. Hashim Rexhepi hosted in a meeting Mr. Pieter Feith


Yesterday on the Central Bank of Kosovo was held a meeting between the representatives of CBK, lead by the governor Mr. Hashim Rexhepi and representatives of the ICO (International Civilian Office) lead by Mr. Pieter Feith.

This meeting had an informative character and information was exchanged over the last progresses on financial sector in general and challenges this sector of relevant importance for Kosovo development is facing with.

On this occasion Mr.Rezhepi thanked Mr.Feith and other participants from the ICO for the collaboration offered until now by the International Civilian Office. Mr. Rexhepi did also inform the guests about the projects and objectives of CBK, regarding further development of financial sector for the years to come, in order for the representatives of this institution to be familiar with the challenges CBK is expecting to face. On the same time, representatives of ICO were introduced to all needs and challenges of this sector in general and of CBK in particular, based on which ICO can make necessary prediction of measurements to undertake in offering help to CBK.

On the other side Mr. Feith thanked the governor Mr. Rexhepi for the hospitality and asked for this collaboration to go further by expressing his wiliness in offering support to the financial sector with a stress point on the international aspect like for example: membership on SWIFT and green card.

Mr. Feith expressed his behold while evaluating the up to now work of CBK,  according to him CBK is successfully facing all development challenges in this difficult time and building a sustainable bank system in the country.
At the end of the meeting both representatives expressed their will for the up to now collaboration to proceed and be stronger in the future.