Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Bedri Hamza hosted a delegation of Kosova Chamber of Commerce


At this meeting, Governor Hamza informed the delegation of Kosova Chamber of Commerce on current developments in the financial sector of Kosovo, the CBK responsibilities and current engagement and the challenges of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo. On this occasion, Governor Hamza, was informed by Mr. Gërxhaliu and his associates on numerous ongoing activities and the contribution of the KCC in protection and promotion of development of businesses in Kosovo.
Governor promised the interlocutors his personal cooperation and assistance of the institution run by him regarding all the issues that are in compliance and within legal framework of the CBK.  
Other issues touched in the meeting include: joint commitment with relevant factors to accelerate the finalization of the draft on default interest, providing support - assistance for resolving cases through arbitration with emphasis on cases dealing with the insurance industry, as well as cooperation to dynamize publications in the form of brochures and other publications which will be issued through the work coordination between the two institutions through data and indicators processing, which will be based mainly on scientific methods and expertise. Finally, Governor Hamza and Mr. Gërxhaliu expressed their commitment to establish a closer cooperation between the two institutions.