Governor Mehmeti congratulates citizens on the World Consumer Rights Day


The Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, Fehmi Mehmeti, congratulated all citizens on the World Consumer Rights Day.

On his congratulatory note, Governor Mehmeti pointed out the role of the financial system and cooperation with the customers, which has resulted in the improvement of services and the increase of mutual trust.

“Taking into account the importance and complexity of customer protection, the CBK has organized customer protection activities in two main pillars, which consist of customer complaints review and financial education. Despite the problems caused by the pandemic, the CBK has reviewed complaints in a timely manner, thus, ensuring the implementation of all contractual rights and obligations between financial institutions and customers, in cases where customers consider that such a thing has not occurred. In recent years, the number of customers of financial institutions filing complaints with the CBK with regard to the implementation of their contractual rights has marked an increase. We consider that the increase in the number of complaints directly reflects the higher awareness of customers in relation to their right and opportunity to complain, which is contributing to better protection of their rights as well as contributing to the improvement and advancement of internal processes in the financial institutions themselves in the provision and further development of financial services, as well as the avoidance of various mistakes. Customer complaints represent a very important source of information for the CBK, which often takes them into account during the supervisory activities of financial institutions", states the Governor.

In addition to activities for addressing possible violations by financial institutions in relation to customer rights, the CBK has worked continuously and intensively on the financial education of the public, which aims to increase the level of public knowledge on financial products and their rights in relation to the financial institution to the highest level possible.