Governor Ismaili hosted the Acting Chief Executive of the Kosova Agency of Statistics in a meeting


The Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosova (CBK), Mr. Ahmet Ismaili and his collaborators hosted the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Kosova Agency of Statistics (KAS), Mr. Avni Kastrati in a business meeting.

Governor Ismaili informed Mr. Kastrati about the CBK’s activities with the aim of achieving its objectives, as well as ongoing activities related to the reforms in the field of compilation of financial statistics and important achievements in the development of financial accounts statistics.

An emphasis was also paid to the Residential Property Price Index project, which is headed by KAS and supported by CBK, in the framework of the Republic of Kosova's program with the International Monetary Fund.

Governor Ismaili and Mr. Kastrati also discussed the commitment to the advancement of statistical compilation and reporting from GDDS (General Data Dissemination System) to SDDS (Special Data Dissemination System, an advancement that is also being made possible under the support of the IMF. Governor Ismaili informed the head of KAS about the CBK's commitment to adapt the SDDS standard, and the necessity for inter-institutional coordination.

During the meeting it was discussed the new Memorandum of Understanding between the CBK, KAS and the Ministry of Finance, Labour and Transfers, which will address the roles and responsibilities for the data compilation, distribution and exchange, as well as to provide mutual support with a focus on key areas of expertise and optimal access to data.

Further during this meeting, Governor Ismaili and Mr. Kastrati expressed their readiness to expand the cooperation between the CBK and KAS in the field of statistics, both at the general level and specific projects, in order to advance the compilation and publishing of statistical data with transparency and adequate disclosure.

At the end of the meeting, Governor Ismaili congratulated the head of KAS for the successful completion of the Population, Households and Housing census in Kosova, emphasizing the importance that these data, once published, will have for policies and decision-making based on such data.