Governor Hamza visited the Head Office of the Bank for International Settlements


In the function of the intensification of operational development and international affirmation of the CBK, the CBK Governor, Mr. Bedri Hamza, conducted a working visit to the Head Office of the Bank for International Settlements – BIS, in Basel, Switzerland. The BIS Union as the oldest international financial institution serves as a bank for central banks, promoting monetary and financial cooperation through its permanent committees. Among its permanent committees, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision promotes the international cooperation in matters of banking supervision, evaluations and recommendations, which represent an important reference for contemporary developments in the field of banking supervision. The CBK is committed for proper implementation of the relevant framework of the Basel Committee to advance its banking supervision function.
During the visit, Governor Bedri Hamza met with the Deputy Secretary General of the Basel Committee Mr. Karl Cordewener and the BIS Legal Adviser Mr. Petja Toskan. During the meeting, Governor Hamza informed the hosts on relevant developments in Kosovo, with particular emphasis on the economy and financial system of the country. Regarding the CBK commitment for advancement of financial supervision in general and in the banking supervision in particular, Governor Hamza presented the strategic guidelines and stressed the high importance of the implementation of international standards and best practices. In this regard, the Governor Hamza spoke in more details about achievements and objectives in the implementation of the Basel Framework. He also expressed the gratitude for the host’s ongoing cooperation to strengthen the capacity of banking supervision of the CBK, and the interest for further cooperation not only in the scope of the Basel Committee but also for the BIS banking services for central banks.
Mr. Cordewener and Mr. Toskan expressed their satisfaction for the realization of this visit in BIS Head Office and presented actual development activities of the BIS in general and the Basel Committee in particular. They praised the development activities of the CBK in the regulation and supervision of banks and expressed their readiness for further support based on institutional capabilities and previous experience with other central banks.
During the visit, Governor Hamza was accompanied by Deputy Governor for financial supervision, Mr. Fehmi Mehmeti. The visit was also attended by representatives of the German GIZ, Mr. Raflf Raab and Mr. Christoph Schroer, who are involved in the program of technical assistance for development of the CBK banking supervision.