Governor Hamza meets the Head of European Banking Authority


In the frame of the commitment to further develop the field of banking supervision, the Governor Bedri Hamza conducted a working visit to the European Banking Authority (EBA) Headquarters in London. The CBK is in the process of reaching an arrangement for cooperation and exchange of information with EBA in terms of concrete supervision of commercial banks and development of the banking supervision in Kosovo. EBA is a specialized agency of the European Union (EU) established to achieve a more integrated approach for banking supervision across the EU. Its general objectives are to maintain financial stability and to protect the integrity, efficiency and proper functioning of the banking sector.

During the visit, Governor Bedri Hamza met with EBA’s Head, Mr. Andrea Enria, and other senior officials of the authority. During the meeting, Governor Hamza informed the hosts on the strategic orientations of the CBK regarding the advancement of financial supervision in general and banking supervision in particular. He highlighted the efforts being made for harmonization of standards and practices of banking supervision in Kosovo with those in EU countries. Regarding the actual process in achieving cooperation arrangements and the exchange of information between the EBA and the CBK, Governor Hamza stressed the importance of this process for the CBK and thanked EBA for the engagement so far.

The Head of EBA, Mr. Enria, expressed the pleasure for the visit at the EBA Headquarters and positively assessed the current process of achieving a cooperative arrangement with the CBK. He also informed the Governor Hamza on actual EBA work and challenges to achieve its objectives and pointed out that cooperatrion between the two institutions will be of mutual importance.

During the visit, Governor Hamza was accompanied by the CBK anf the GIZ officials. GIZ is actively involved though technical assistance to further advance the standards and practices of banking supervision at the CBK.