Governor Bedri Hamza meets the Governor of the Central Bank of Italy Mr. Ignazio Visco


On the continuity of the commitment to further advance the functions of the CBK in terms of adopting the standards and practices of central banks in the countries of the European Union, Governor Bedri Hamza conducted a working visit to the Bank of Italy. The purpose of this visit was to be closely introduced with (decision-making bodies, reporting responsibility, and transparency) and strategic planning (preparation process, responsibilities on implementation, monitoring of the implementation) so the overall governance arrangements in the Bank of Italy. Knowing these aspects of the Bank of Italy is on the function of identifying and evaluating relevant development opportunities abd aspects for the CBK.
During the visit Mr. Bedri Hamza met with the governor of the Bank of Italy, Mr. Ignazio Visco, who expressed his welcome and informed him with features and developments of the Bank of Italy. Governor Ignazio Visco stressed the readiness of the Bank of Italy to provide technical support to CBK on its capacity development and alignment with European standards. Governor Bedri Hamza thanked Governor Ignazio Visco for the cooperation and praised the contribution and support of the Bank of Italy.
In meetings with other senior leaders of the Bank of Italy, Mr. Bedri Hamza with staff members who accompanied him during the visit discussed the overall governance arrangements of the central banks and the best practices of corporate governance at the central bank. There were also discussed in detail the principles and processes of strategic planning with emphasis on efficiency of preparation, implementation and relevant monitoring.
The up to now collaborations with the Bank of Italy include the program of cooperation with the European Central Bank, which ended last year, through which were identified and analyzed the development needs of the CBK in several areas of its activity in order to approximate with the standards and practices applied by the central banks of member countries of the European Union. Other forms of cooperation have included communications related to specific areas of activity and participation of staff members of the CBK on training programs of the Bank of Italy. At the end of the meeting, Governor Hamza thanked, Governor Visco for his hospitality and invited him in a near future to pay a visit to the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo.