Governor Bedri Hamza hosted the Minister of Finance Mr. Avdullah Hoti


Governor Hamza hosted today in his office the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kosovo Mr. Avdullah Hoti. On this occasion the Governor Hamza informed the Minister Hotin about the latest developments in the financial sector in Kosovo, emphasizing the sustainability and positive performance of the banking sector in general. The data presented and indicators derived relate to the year 2014 and show a sound financial system in the country.
Governor Hamza and Minister Hoti, besides topics about recent economic and financial developments also discussed about the cooperation of CBK with the Ministry of Finance, promising that the institutional support will continue further in the common path of both institutions and in solving challenges faced by this institutions.
At the same time the Minister Hoti informed the Governor about the steps undertaken by the Ministry of Finance in the fiscal area, such as the decision of the Government for discharge (forgiveness) of previous old debts of Kosovar families and businesses, owning to various public institutions until the end of the 2008.
Governor Hamza informed the Minister Hoti even about the challenges that CBK is facing, plans and projects that the Bank has initiated, with particular emphasis on segments within these projects to strengthen the financial sector and legal infrastructure.
At the end Mr. Hoti evaluated the results, the progress and the good performance in the financial field, where despite of evaluating the highly precious collaboration of the CBK with other domestic institutions he ensured the Governor Hamza that the Ministry of Finance will continue to support all areas that are of interest for the development of the CBK and financial sector development in general.
While in the end the Governor Hamza and Minister Hoti showed commitment that the CBK and the Ministry of Finance will closely collaborate with common projects in the future, being it in the areas of sponsorship of the laws and regulations for the financial sector or other forms of collaboration and support.