Governor Bedri Hamza hosted a senior delegation of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development


The Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Bedri Hamza met today with a senior delegation of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), led by the Director for Central and Eastern Europe for Reconstruction and Development of EBRD, Mr. Jean - Marc Petterschmitt, who was accompanied by the Director of their Office in Pristina Mr. Anton Kobakov and other collaborators.
Governor Hamza showed to be very thankful the representatives of the EBRD for paying this high level visit to Kosovo and to our institution acquainting them with the CBK’s activity as well as the current situation and trends in the financial system and economy of the country. Further on, the Governor on behalf of the institution he is leading showed his gratitude to the delegation of EBRD especially for the support, the work and the great, unreserved contribution that they have given and continue to give in Kosovo. In this case having the role of the host the Governor presented to the guests the achievements, developments related to the financial industry in the year we past and indicators recorded for the current period of this year, noting that we are dealing with positive indicators, which are the basis for a healthy and sound system and financial stability, and sustainability of economic development in the country.
While Mr. Jean-Marc Peterschmitt informed the Governor about the possibilities of further support in future projects of EBRD in Kosovo, especially in the sphere of the private sector, where the latter will assist in funding these projects. On the other hand the Governor Hamza expressed consideration to all EBRD projects in Kosovo and in particular, to the participation of EBRD with projects in the banking industry or business lines, focusing on a very important project for financial field, such as credit lines which has been given the Deposit Insurance Fund of Kosovo (DIFK). This credit line as per Governor Hamza has a pronounced weight in the development and strengthening of the banking sector. While Mr. Peterschmitt in the quality of the EBRD Director for Central and Eastern Europe, underlined the readiness of his institution, to also in the future support projects which come from either the private sector or public sector, which will relate directly to the economic development of Kosovo. In the end, the Governor Hamza received from the senior delegation of the EBRD the promise for ongoing support of projects related either to the CBK or institutions and important sectors of the economy.