FSI connect – a guideline of special importance related the function of banking supervision at the CBK


In the organized ceremony, the Central Bank in cooperation with GIZ launched the FSI Connect software, which will provide the licenses for the CBK banking supervision staff.  Talking about the importance of the project, Governor Hamza thanked GIZ, the German Government and the German Embassy for ongoing support to Kosovo, since the end of the war. With special emphasis, the Governor expressed his gratitude to German donors in general and the German GIZ in particular for providing the CBK banking supervision staff with licenses to use this software.    

On behalf of the German Embassy and project donor, Ms. Henriette Kötter, First Secretary at the German Embassy and Head of Development Cooperation stated the importance of this project, and expressed the readiness to support the CBK in future projects. 

FSI Connect software created by the Financial Stability Institute within the Bank for International Settlement contains a training program that includes all major aspects of banking supervisory framework. Moreover, this software is used by a large number of banking supervisors worldwide (over 240 institutions and over 140 countries) and is considered one of the best programs for training of the financial sector supervisors. FSI Connect includes guideline as well as key techniques and practices related to capital adequacy, solvency, Basel principles, etc.

This program specifically addresses the issue of banking risks such as credit risk, operational market risk and their management. This program is divided into three levels, up to the most advanced one addressing complex and sensitive issues in the field of banking supervision. Since the time we are living is very dynamic, this program is constantly supplemented with new modules addressing current challenges. Participants were introduced on the manner of connection and use of this software by Mr. Amir Zylfiu from banking supervision. 

 It should be highlighted the support of  German state in general and the German GIZ in particular for providing the CBK banking supervision staff with licenses to use  this software. This support is continuing with other joint projects with the CBK.