Insurers’ Licensing Manual

The Insurers’ Licensing Manual, sets out the necessary conditions and procedures that need to be fulfilled by entities applying to obtain a licence from CBK. The manual provides specific guidelines for receiving and assessing applications and determines the minimum required documents for application for insurers licensing. It should be noted that the manual is a procedural guide only and does not include all the factors, which can be evaluated during the analysis. Additional information may be required by the CBK during the application process, depending on the complexity of the situation.

For any additional explanation or individual questions, interested parties are recommended to check the section “Frequently Asked Questions” on the CBK website as well as the Annexes: I – Licensing Process and II – Licensing Criteria, III – Alternatives to Insurer Licensing and IV – Foreign Insurers of the Insurers’ Licensing Manual or directly contact the Department for Licensing and Standardization at the CBK via email or via telephone number +381 (0) 38 222 055.