Established the National Payments Council


On March 9, 2010 in the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK) was established the National Payments Council (NPC).
Within the NPC, the CBK has a leading role and will be represented by the Governor and Deputy Governor for central bank operations. Besides them, as the NPC members will be Director of the Treasury Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Director of the Kosovo Banks Association and managing directors of commercial banks. Establishment of NPC is meant to support joint development of a sustainable and efficient system for clearing and settlement of payments and securities in Kosovo. The NPC represents the central component of the cooperation between relevant actors within the national payments system.
The NPC shall provide a very important tool for constructive discussions between actors in national payments system. The NPC establishment is foreseen with the development strategy of the national payments system and in the medium-term it will have an important role in implementing this strategy.
You can have an access to the NPC Terms of Reference through the CBK website.