Deputy Governor Havolli is attending the Annual Conference of the Bank of Albania


Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, Sokol Havolli, is attending the Annual Conference organized by the Bank of Albania and London School of Economics and Political Science on the topic “Monetary Policy, Economic Integration and the ‘New Normal’”.
During his speech in front of the audience, Deputy Governor Havolli presented the current developments in the Kosovo financial system in general, and developments in banking system in particular, which are being characterized with high sustainability, increase of funding for economy of the country and improvement of conditions for access to finances.
On this occasion, Deputy Governor Havolli elaborated on the path followed by CBK to build a contemporary, stable and continuously increasing financial system, as well as on the multi-dimensional commitments to support the further and sustainable development of this sector, as well as further increase of its role in view of supporting the development and stability of the economy of the country.

Deputy Governor Havolli emphasized the need for further increase of cooperation between central banks and international regulatory financial authorities as a way to jointly advance necessary capacities to face challenges on maintaining the financial stability in the most effective manner.
This annual conference has been organized in four sessions.
First session of the conference will address the key elements for the “new normal” of the monetary policy and central banking in developed economies, and assess their implications.
The focus will be also on small developing economies, engaged in integration processes in the ECB “policy sphere”.
Discussions in the second session will be focused on the experiences and lessons learned from several developing countries for the conference and complementarity in the new outlook of the stability and necessity for cooperation between supervising authorities of host countries with those of non-EU countries.
Third session will address the effectiveness of post-crisis regulatory interventions and transforming impact of fintech to the financial system, economy in general and financial inclusion, as well as address the issue on how the regulatory and monetary policy framework may be prepared for this “new world”.
Fourth session will be focused mainly on the key challenges for small economies in this “new normal” and responses that may come from central banks and authorities.
In addition to the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Gent Sejko, and Deputy Governor of CBK, Sokol Havolli, this conference is being attended also by the Governor of Central Bank of Iceland, Már Gudmundsson, Deputy Governor of the Croatian National Bank, Sandra Švaljek and Governor of Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Senad Softić.
This conference is being attended even by a significant number of prominent economists from various international academic and financial institutions.