Deputy Governor for Banking Operations Mr. Lulzim Ismajli is conducting a working visit at Interbank Card Center in Istanbul (Bankalararasi Kart Merkezi – BMK)


In order to exchange experiences and knowledge with the new developments in the field of payment services, the Deputy Governor for Banking Operations. Mr. Lulzim Ismajli and the Payment System Director, Mr. Dardan Fusha, visited the institution for the processing of BKM payments in Istanbul, established by the banking sector in Turkey, recognized as a successful example of the bank's initiative to facilitate card payments and create modern infrastructure for interaction of the providers of payment services in Turkey.
Delegation met the Chairman of BKM, Mr. Soner Canko, the Deputy Chairman Mr. Cenk Temz and Ms. Pelin Guven. During the visit, there were discussed the recent developments in the payment field and the model adopted by the banking sector in Turkey for the use of new technology in increasing the use of electronic payment instruments.
The BKM representatives shared their experiences in establishing a processing center and the benefits as well as the challenges they faced during system building, but also for their current challenges due to the rapid pace of developments in the payments field. In addition, the BKM representatives expressed readiness to provide the CBK with the knowledge and experience regarding the adoption of a similar solution for processing card payments in Kosovo. At the end of the meeting, the representatives of the two institutions agreed to continue the cooperation and to hold the next meeting at the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, in a near future.