Celebrating Global Money Week


With the motto "Learn, Save, Earn" we stared celebrations of Global Money Week in Kosovo. Central Bank of Kosovo, together with the Kosovo Banks Association and the Museum of Kosovo at the initiation of the Global Money Week organized the opening event of this week, the purpose of which is to promote wider awareness and understanding of the need for better financial education and improving financial education in general. On this occasion, the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Kosovo Mr. Lulzim Ismajli, delivered an opening speech to the students and the audience, talking about the importance of saving, finance management, and the role of the Global Money Week. "The primary objective of the Central Bank of Kosovo is to preserve financial stability so that citizens' money to be safe. In order to manage them properly we need to learn about money and finances, "he said.

Among others, deputy governor Ismaili advised the students to always keep in mind that money grows little by little and if you do save, one day you will be surprised how much money you will have if you do save a few every day or every week. When money is in your hand, it is yours, but when you spend it, you cannot have it back, therefore save it carefully so that when really needed you can spend it on things that are important and valuable as books, notebooks, bicycles, studies and of course any toy or chocolate here and there, said the Deputy governor Ismaili. For more see the deputy governor’s speech attached.
While Petrit Balija from Kosovo Bankers Association, said that this week is celebrated in more than over 135 countries. "Financial education is the ability to save money. Mostly are parents those who have to deal with financial education. Financial education will be the main pillar for strengthening the middle class in Kosovo, "he said. While the Director of the Museum of Kosovo Mr.Skender Boshtrakaj said that during these days the children will have the opportunity to create their own money by game plays. “In Kosovo, since thousands of years, there have been and still are in use gold and silver mines, in this country we extracted metal and made metal products and money is one of them” “Historically in this country we produced ancient metal money” said he. While students who were very active and enthusiastic did also express their ideas about money, savings, etc.

Scholars continued their activities through works with clay, tracking for finding antique coins, commerce demonstration etc. and had also the opportunity to see the exhibition of numismatics and money pictures. Participants at the event were students from primary school "Elena Gjika", children with Down syndrome and minority children.
CBK throughout these activities intends to strengthen the field of financial education in order to be more comprehensive. For this reason CBK has planned to continue celebrating during the entire week with pupils as well as students where several lectures will be held at various universities in the country.