CBK was represented at the international conference


Nexhat Kryeziu-Deputy Governor for supervision of financial institutions participated in the 7th  Conference for Eastern Europe organized by the Association of Insolvency and Reconstruction Specialists of Europe (INSOL Europe) with the topic "Returning to prosperity?" which was held in Tallinn of Estonia from 27 to 28 May 2011. Deputy Governor presented Kosovo as a panelist on "The actual macroeconomic and financial environment in Kosovo - the effects of financial crisis".

 In this conference were discussed insolvency problems in European countries, the challenges of the governments of European countries to cope with financial problems, with special emphasis in public debt and the emerge from the recession, and the experiences of individual countries in coping with the situation following the biggest global financial crisis. In this conference were more than 200 delegates, representing various countries from Western Europe, Eastern Europe (including the countries like Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia etc.).