CBK published the statistics of financial sector for November 2014 and those of the external sector for the third quarter of 2014


Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo published financial sector statistical data for November 2014 and external sector statistical data for the third quarter of 2014. The data are published within the time series in the CBK official website, according to the calendar of publications t + 25 to the financial sector and t + 90 for the external sector.

Among other financial statistics include corporate financial statements, balance sheet of CBK, balance sheet and income statement of commercial banks, the value of loans and deposits, interest rates on loans and deposits, corporate financial statements other financial, etc. External sector statistics include balance of payments, international investment position and external debt statistics Kosovo.

Statistics of the external sector are published under the new methodology recommended by the manual Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BPM6), sixth edition, of the International Monetary Fund.

Published data are in line with international statistical standards and provide a high degree of comparability with other countries. This information is also published in the IMF within the publication "International Financial Statistics" (IFS) and the World Bank within the publication "Quarterly External Debt Statistics" (QEDS ).

Further on you can find a brief overview which characterizes the financial sector statistics for November 2014 and external sector statistics for the third quarter of 2014. At the end is presented a statistical annex connected to the main components of the financial sector statistics and external sector. To find out more click here.