CBK participates in Constituency meetings in Budapest


The Deputy Governor of the CBK, Sokol Havolli, participated in Constituency meetings in Budapest, Hungary, to negotiate the agreement on the Constituency of the IMF for the next 10 years, part of which is Kosovo.

The outcomes of negotiations found unanimous support from all Members of the Constituency. The members agreed that the composition of this constituency for the next 10 years will continue to be the same as the current members, such as Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey.

In the framework of this meeting, the Member States agreed on the division of representation positions of these countries in the office of the Executive Director of the Constituency, in which case Kosovo was allocated the position of advisor for 4 years.

The final agreement is expected to be signed by Governor of the CBK, Fehmi Mehmeti, during the IMF spring meetings in Washington D.C.