CBK marks World Savings Day


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo has continued the tradition of marking the World Savings Day. CBK, within the framework of the Financial Education Program to mark this day, has organized a competition for the best essay for Kosovo elementary school students in grades 6-9; "Savings for a better future."

 In awarding prizes to the winning students, CBK Governor Mr.Fehmi Mehmeti said that the savings culture is a good habit of people and families,     therefore it must be cultivated further since as soon as we create a culture of savings, the better prepared we will be for adequate decision-making about our finances. 

On this occasion, Governor Mehmeti said that through written essays, the students have put to the test the Commission for the selection of winning names for the fact that a large number of papers have been received and each one better than the other.

 This competition was very creative, had a lot of good essays and the commission had a lot of hard work in selecting the winner. I can say that there were no losers in this competition. All the essays were very good and I have the honor of today sharing the awards for the most distinguished. Dear students, with your work you have shown how important it is to create saving habits, habits that are culture, a tremendous way of fulfilling your desires, whether the desire to buy a gift, to realize a visit to a place you dream of, a better education for a brighter future, help yourself and your families.

The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, with its Financial Education programs will always be close to you with activities, events and publications that will help you gain new knowledge, not only from finance, but also for savings in other fields. The Central Bank will also be in your classes and schools marking regular activities. So you have already paving the path of the world of finance, savings and tomorrow, why not, many of you will be part of the banking institutions and CBK staff ”, Governor Mehmeti declared, adding that he feels happy that the competing students were from all over Kosovo.

 Students who won the prizes are: Jon Boqolli, Albiona Barileva, Etrid Thaçi, Era Shabani, Lis Ademi, Tuana Aliu, Krenare Shefqeti, Elza Gosalci, Benar Sheqiri and Daorsa Imeri.

Whereas, the essay topics were about the importance of saving for the future,

Young people's attitude towards savings, savings in financial institutions, modern versus classical ways of paying, the role of money and savings in economics, and learning about money at school helps how to save.

This day, which was first marked in 1924 at the first international congress of savings banks in Milan, Italy, is now celebrated around the world by organizing various activities aimed at cultivating culture and developing savings habits.