CBK marks World Savings Day with virtual activities


For years, in order to raise public awareness about the importance of savings and proper money management, the CBK has marked this day with educational activities.

While every year young people and students of different age groups are welcomed, this year due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, like most countries in the world, we will mark the World Savings Day only through virtual activities that are mainly dedicated to primary school students.

The first activity is the online launch of financial education textbooks for grades I to V on its financial education platform (http://edukimifinanciar.org/) in 4 languages: Albanian, Serbian, Turkish and Roma.

On the Youtube channel of the CBK (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgxLUYa6enevkWx9ufjqaSg), today the version of the audio texts will be published.

The texts contain advices/tips on proper money management, creating the habit of savings, planning personal and family budget, basic operation of a bank, developing basic entrepreneurial skills, and many other valuable tips for students of these ages.

The second activity we have designed is the announcement of the competition for children with the theme of savings with the motto: "With small savings for big purposes", through which we invite students of grades VI to IX, to prepare Essays on savings and send them electronically to the CBK.

The purpose of this competition is to encourage children to learn more about the importance of savings.

CBK will award 10 prizes when selecting essays, while the winning essays will be awarded with symbolic prizes, and those interested can find the full competition published on the official website of the CBK ((www.bqk-kos.org) .

Activity III will be the publication of winning works of students from last year's competition, which can be found on the CBK financial education platform (http://edukimifinanciar.org/).

They say that "One euro saved is one euro earned" and I wish that this message and these educational activities undertaken by the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, will have effect to encourage all of you to be more aware on the importance of savings and proper money management.

Video message of the Governor https://youtu.be/nHTzrssOFUo