CBK marks World Savings Day


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo has organized the World Savings Day for the third consecutive year.
The participants in the marking of this day were the pupils from the Primary School “Pavarësia” from Prishtina, who have demonstrated their skills on the ways of saving money as well as through various drawings.
Since the establishment of the CBK, awareness raising in relation to financial education and knowledge have always occupied an important place, and consequently, activities have been undertaken and numerous educational projects have been carried out.
These activities have targeted different age groups, including university students, high school students and primary school students.

Through these activities and projects, the CBK is aiming to contribute to raising awareness in terms of financial education and knowledge.
“Managing and saving money today can be compared to the management, health care, or other major life choices. It is our duty to ensure that education and financial information starts from a young age, being a long-term investment for society and for the country as a whole. Based on experience, we know that each of us is in a situation to make the selection and make a decision on how to spend the money, and that's not easy because you always have endless needs and desires. Earning money can be easy, but the use of money fairly and saving them for the future is very difficult”, said in front of the pupils, Shkendije Himaj, Coordinator of General Functions at the CBK.
She has encouraged all the pupils to read about money, savings, personal finances and not hesitate to contact the CBK to be part of the activities and projects undertaken during the year and to be as much as possible informed about money management so that when faced with financial challenges, they will be able to make the right decisions.

On the other hand, the management of the Primary School “Pavarësia” thanked the CBK on lots of information provided to the pupils that will be much needed to them.
The World Savings Day is marked throughout the world by the majority of financial institutions since 1924.
On this date, various institutions organize activities that aim to raise awareness about the role and importance of Savings.