CBK marks the International Savings Day


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, marked the International Savings Day, through a lecture with the students of the "Hoxhe Kadri Prishtina" High School of Economics.

The Coordinator for General Functions, Labinot Preniqi, said that the organization of educational activities by CBK aims to encourage young people to develop the habit of saving and to be aware of the proper management of their personal finances because the development of saving habits means that you will have the stability of personal finances in the future.

"We all know that almost every day, we have to make a decision about how to spend our money, which is not easy because we always have endless needs and desires, but because we have limited money or financial means, we have to choose something and sacrifice something. The more we pay attention to the future habit of saving and the more careful we are about managing personal finances, the easier it will be for us to make these decisions", stated Preniqi in front of the audience.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Governor's Cabinet, Nexhat Miftari, presented the role of CBK in the economy, while students and academic staff posed questions about the functioning of the financial sector in general.

The World Savings Day was established on October 31, 1924, during the 1st International Savings Bank Congress in Milan, Italy in which it was decided that World Savings Day should be a day devoted to the promotion of savings all over the world.

This day is marked every year, traditionally by CBK.

In this event, CBK announced an essay competition for all high school students in Kosovo and asked them to participate in it, which will have a savings theme and will be for students in grades X-XII of Kosovo's upper secondary education schools.

The competition will be open for one month, after which the selection committee will evaluate and select ten of the finest works to be rewarded financially.