CBK marks International Money Week


Despite the situation created by the Pandemic, the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo has started events within the International Money Week.

Despite the ongoing challenges brought by COVID-19, the CBK is committed to promoting and maintaining financial stability in the country and given that the financial sector is one of the main contributors to Kosovo's economy, Financial Education continues to be given special attention.

Through work and commitment in advancing financial education, citizens have managed to improve their knowledge about economic and financial concepts, products, services, challenges and risks, through obtaining information, developing their skills and habits to make the right choices and take effective action to improve their financial well-being.

International Money Week is an annual global awareness campaign for children and young people, in order to provide at an early age, gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors needed to make the right financial decisions. This campaign or activity is marked worldwide by financial institutions, in various ways, while this week's motto this year is "Take care of yourself, take care of your money", which contains a message that comes as a pandemic impact on it all areas of life.

"The increase in the number of cases with Covid-19, especially in recent weeks, has influenced us to change our agenda for this week and to adapt to the observance of the rules set for the Pandemic. Today we will mark the opening of this Week with small groups of students, who will visit the CBK. The same have participated in the CBK competition for Essays, with the theme of Financial Education and have been selected as the best Essays, for which we will share some symbolic awards. Then it will continue during the week with lectures and other virtual activities in the impossibility of carrying out the planned activities. Another activity for which I would like to invite high school students to participate, is that today we have announced an Essay Competition with the theme of this week's motto "Take care of yourself, take care of money", which will stay open for a month, where the three best Essays will win 3 awards. The purpose of this competition is to encourage young people in high schools to be more informed and educated about economic and financial topics ", said the Governor of the CBK Mr. Fehmi Mehmeti, at the launching of this week.

The CBK has been part of this organization since 2013, which is now run by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). CBK organizes various events and activities in order to influence the encouragement of children and young people to gain economic and financial knowledge that they will need it throughout life.

The purpose of the CBK Financial Education Program is to include all age groups of Kosovo citizens in educational activities and materials, however the primary focus is on students of all levels of education in Kosovo.

It is worth mentioning one of the concrete projects launched by the CBK and related to the institutionalization of mutual cooperation in the field of financial education that comes after the signing of the memorandum with the Ministry of Education and Science in October last year. "We also agreed on the possibility of including financial education in the school curriculum and specifically we have prepared a collection of 5 books for grades I to V, which is planned to be distributed as soon as the conditions of the pandemic allow and will be taught within the course "Life skills".The inclusion of financial education in the official school curriculum is recognized as one of the most efficient, sustainable, long-term and appropriate ways to achieve that financial knowledge and skills are learned by an entire generation and nationwide. We also have a number of projects in progress, about which you will be informed in time, which I consider will contribute to the benefit of citizens and in making appropriate financial decisions towards financial products and services. Also, I want to inform you that all activities, materials and competitions are continuously promoted on the official website or in the social networks of the CBK, so I invite children, students and young people to follow us either through them ", has said Governor Mehmeti.

CBK organized an event on the occasion of the opening of Money Week for 2021, where it awarded prizes to the winning students of the competition for the best Essay on Financial Education. The competition was dedicated to primary school students, specifically grades VI to IX and a total of 10 prizes were awarded. The winning students of these awards are as follows: First prize: Qëndresa Peci, class: VIII, SHFMU "Isa Boletini", Boletin, Zvecan; Second prize: Erona Peci, class: VIII, SHFMU "Isa Boletini", Boletin, Zvecan; Third prize: Erina Musliu, class IX / 4, SHFMU "Mihal Grameno", Fushë Kosovë; Fourth prize: Enda Imeri, class VIII / 1, SHFMU "Ibrahim Rugova", Podujevë, Fifth prize: Erdonit Jusufi, class VII, SHFMU "Dëshmorët e Kombit", Lagësia Malësia, Kamenica; Sixth prize: Adora Alidemaj, Class VIII B, ISP School (International School of Prishtina), Prishtina, Seventh prize: Era Xërxa, grade VII / 2, SHFMU “Eqrem Çabej”, Mitrovica, Eighth prize: Ema Boqolli, grade VII / 3, SHFMU “Asdreni”, Peja, Ninth prize: Hena Perjuci, class VIII / 1, SHFMU “Eqrem Çabej”, Mitrovica, Tenth prize: Etrid Thaçi, class IX, SHFMU “Metush Krasniqi”, Rogoçicë village, Kamenica .

The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, in the framework of financial education and in order to mark the International Money Week, invites high school students from Kosovo to participate in the competition for the best essay in the field of finance and economics.

In the framework of the International Money Week, the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo has opened the competition for the best essay in the field of finance and economy.