CBK issued new statistics on interest rates applied to loans and deposits


The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo has published the latest statistical information regarding the interest rates charged by commercial banks on loans and deposits, making in this way a major step in raising the quality and expanding the range of statistics. New statistics released today are a response to new requirements for more information on interest rates. These statistics provide detailed information for interest rates on loans and deposits classified by institutional sectors (companies and households), economic sectors (agriculture, manufacturing, services and other sectors), for lending (loans for investment or consumption), schedule, etc. Despite information on interest rates, the CBK has also published full information about the value of new contracts for the reference months (amounts in euros for loan and deposit).
CBK has also prepared the necessary information and explanations concerning the transition from the previous version in the new version. Data published before are adjusted to the new publication form. In this way, the CBK offers on its website, as well as within the file published itself, a conversion matrix in which standard components from the previous version comply with standard components of the new version. Full information about the interest rates are published today on the CBK web site under the Time Series (link: http://bqk-kos.org/?id=55/). Statistics on interest rates are published by the Central Bank on its website under the calendar of publications: 25 days after the end of the reference month.
Compilation of interest rates statistics is based on international standards like the Manual on Interest Rate Statistics published by the European Central Bank, Manual on Monetary and Financial Statistics published by the International Monetary Fund, and other best practices by different countries. Full information on the collection of data on interest rates, methodology and dissemination practices are presented in CBK documents: Interest Rate Reports and Monetary and Financial Statistics Methodology.