CBK inaugurates the Business Continuity Centre


The Central Bank of Kosovo and the World Bank Office in Kosovo inaugurated the Business Continuity Centre in Prizren a centre to deal with data storage. This centre, in addition to the CBK will be in use for data storage by other institutions also, as well as for trainings of different organizations.

The Business Continuity Centre was estimated as extremely important for strengthening the financial sector and modernizing the Kosovo market. CBK’s Governor Mr. Bedri Hamza, thanked the World Bank for their financial support and stated that they are making the inauguration of the last component of the project for strengthening the financial sector and market infrastructure. He added that it is a project that has contributed to the strengthening of the financial sector. "The project was funded by the World Bank by a loan supported from the Ministry of Finance and ratified by the Assembly. The project started by supporting the initial capital of the Deposit Insurance Fund." "It is a very important component that provides security to depositors and guarantees financial stability, which is one of the main objectives of CBK. Than it continued with the system of real time settlement, the system of banking supervision together with statistics and this last component of the Business Continuity Centre in emergency situations ", stressed governor Hamza. He emphasized that it is a building of great importance and is a project of national importance which can be also used by other institutions. "The facilities will also serve as training centre, which will be used for trainings, conferences and events organized by the CBK and other institutions," said Governor Hamza. Find Governor's speech here.

The World Bank country Manager for Kosovo and Macedonia, Marco Mantovanelli, said he was happy with the inauguration of this building, mentioning that this building of Business Continuity is of great importance for preserving data in case of emergency or disaster. "In this way the sector is coming to European levels. Building’s facilities are able to serve also to other institutions and at the same time held training sessions there. The project for strengthening the financial sector and market modernization is not the only to be supported by the World Bank because there have been other achievements, in 2016 we had the successful launch of Automatic Transfer System, "said Mantovanelli.