CBK in collaboration with CYFI and KBA are organizing a workshop on the importance of financial education


For two consecutive days, on November 22-23, 2016, the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo in cooperation with the International Child & Youth Finance International and the Kosovo Banking Association are organizing training on the importance of the involvement of stakeholders in financial education. The training aims to spell out the importance of financial education and financial inclusion. The training aims also to show what are the benefits of financial education empowerment and of financial inclusion in Kosovo and who are the potential beneficiaries.
The training is part of the strategic objectives of CBK, related to the promotion of a sound development of the financial system in the Republic of Kosovo and of further development of the of financial education function, with the aim of creating a proper financial culture which would help all stakeholders to take appropriate decisions.
Within the topics to be discussed is included the issue of the links between financial education, financial inclusion and other high policy goals. Moreover will be discussed the possibilities for the development of a national strategy, which could help in promoting financial education.
The training has regional character and will be attended by various institutions and organizations that are in any way involved in the process of financial education.