CBK and US Embassy marked the initiation of the project “Financial Education for Smart Decisions”


Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo in cooperation with the US Embassy under the framework of financial education organized today the follow up activity with high school students of the capital, with the motto “Financial Education for Smart Decisions." Dozens of students gathered in the Amphitheatre of the National Library and officials from CBK and the USA Embassy talked to them about the importance of financial education, good money management etc. To each of them was given a brochure prepared by the Department for External Relations, within the CBK, with information about the role of the Central Bank of Kosovo in the country’s economy, monetary policy in Kosovo, securities, payments system , licensing of financial institutions, financial sector structure and other issues around the field of economy and finances. 

These students, on October 31, on the International Day of Savings, will disclose the knowledge gained in a quiz that will be held under this project.
"To acquire knowledge and develop skills in order to gain financial culture is indeed a challenge. But you will gain these skills throughout life”, told to the students Meredith Rubin, Senior Economic Officer from the US Embassy in Kosovo. "You will probably ask why the American Embassy supports this project. One of the reasons is that one of the goals and expectations of the US Embassy for Kosovo id its economic growth". "We are working closely with the Government, students, citizens and civil society, so they would be "triggers" that will affect the economic growth of the country. We want to have a better future for your country", said Rubin.

Mrs. Rubin also expressed her readiness to welcome the Winning Group on Financial Education quiz to a visit in the US Embassy in Kosovo.
Shkendije Himaj, senior adviser to the Executive Board - Financial Sector and Technical Assistance on CBK has set the objective of improving and advancing financial literacy. "Financial education should be set not only for citizens aged over 18 years old, who have the right to open a bank account and to receive services and products fromn financial institutions. Recent studies have shown that financial education is important to start from the very early ages, in order to help in making optimal decisions as adults, "said Himaj.

She explained that CBK has established the Division on Consumer Protection, which enables all complaints received from citizens in relation to financial institutions to be handled in time and correctly, and depending on the type of complaint design mechanisms of financial education. "This is a prevention that helps customers of financial institutions to take the right decisions. She advised the students to pass their knowledge gained on to their friends. "We expect to receive comments, suggestions and recommendations from you, which will help us to prepare for the future next activities," said Himaj.
Ajshe Ramosaj, Financial Education Officer from the Central Bank of Kosovo, said that the organization of this event will affect in raising financial literacy and consequently affect in taking the appropriate financial decisions, including money management, savings, loans and expenses.