Board Decisions


                                                     Republic of Kosovo
                                                   Central Bank of Kosovo
                                                        Governing Board
                                              No 23, dated   February 25, 2010
Based on the implementation of the Law No 03 / L-074, dated 05 June 2008 on "The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo", the CBK Governing Board in its 23rd  meeting approved the following: 

1. License revocation of:
•  “Intel BROKER” Ltd –Insurance Intermediary;
• “Intel SERVICE” Ltd –Insurance Intermediary/Claims Adjuster;  
• “Nic Holding”  Insurance Intermediary/Claims Adjuster;  
      2. Final approval for transfer of IC Dardania ownership to the new purchaser Mr.   Riza Lluka.

This decision shall enter into force on February 26,  201