CBK and the Lietuvos bankas begin bilateral cooperation in the field of IT security


Within Phase II of the Program for Strengthening the Capacities of Central Banks in the Western Balkans with the Aim of Integration to the European System of Central Banks, the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK) started implementing a bilateral measure with the Lietuvos bankas.  This bilateral measure will be focused on the review of the information technology security function at the CBK, and it will include two expert missions of the Lietuvos bankas to the CBK as well as a study visit of the CBK professional staff to this central bank.  This bilateral measure will last until January next year. It is designed to assist CBK in assessing and strengthening the general and technical aspects of information technology security.  Like the other components of this phase of the program, this bilateral measure is also administered and coordinated by the Deutsche Bundesbank. From the Deutsche Bundesbank, on the occasion of the launch of this bilateral measure, present at CBK were the chairperson and secretary of the Steering Committee of the Program, namely Mr. Martin Dinkleborg and Mr. Peter Spicka.

The CBK expects that through the comprised activities of this bilateral measure, it will contribute to the development of the sphere of information technology security in the CBK, adopting and aligning with contemporary European standards and practices. The development of this sphere is of critical importance for the successful performance of the CBK's duties.

Phase II of the Program for Strengthening the Capacity of Central Banks in the Western Balkans with the Aim of Integration into the European System of Central Banks was launched in September 2022, and it is expected to last three years. This program is financed by the EU and includes the European Central Bank, 20 central banks of EU countries, as well as 8 central banks and financial supervisory authorities from the Western Balkans region.