Features and Main Functions

Credit Registry system (CRK) is designed as a web-based application and it is accessible online and in real time by the authorized staff of credit providing institutions. In the Credit Registry, credit providing institutions report approved credits and update data on their status. On the other hand, they may obtain a summary report on the level and status of active credit and history of each borrower upon a client’s consent.  They are also notified on the credit-related collateral  and other credit-related roles 

 Moreover, each person who is subject to credit can obtain his details registered in the CRK.  The CBK also uses CRK information for supervisory statistical and analytical purposes. 

Credit Registry is designed to provide an advanced infrastructure for the credit market  functioning, presenting an important tool for credit providing institutions in credit risk assessment.  From an overall economic perspective, the Credit Registry facilitates the lending in terms of volume and costs, as well as contributes to financial stability in general.