Disputing of Credit Report data

Regarding any remarks on the data appearing in his/her report, borrower first must fill out a form stating the disputed information and address it to the institution that has reported such data.  

 After receiving the request, the institution concerned shall review the complaint and shall respond in writing within five (5) days.   

This data can be corrected only after being verified through various documents brought by the borrower, which prove that current data in his/her report are not accurate.   

Following this decision, the borrower shall confirm his agreement or disagreement with the decision taken by the institution in question.   

If the borrower does not agree with the decision made by the reporting institution, he/she can reach out to the “Division for Complaints and Users of Financial Services” at the Central Bank of Kosovo. 

Decision on the complaint of the borrower is taken within ten (10) working days.

If the Complaint Division confirms that the disputed information in the report is correct, but the party does not agree with the decision taken, the party may be directed to the relevant legal authorities to resolve the dispute.