Applying for the Credit Report

Every citizen respectively every borrower who wants to get his / her detailed credit report may apply in one of three forms shown below:
1. Applying through the citizens portal
Every citizen can open his personal account in given portal and after account activation can have free access to online credit report.

2. Applying for Credit Report in any branch of the respective bank.
3. Applying for Credit Report in Central Bank of Kosovo.
(Application can be done on any working day from 08:00 – 12:00 while withdrawal of the report is done on the next day from 13:00 – 16:00).

When applying for Credit Report via forms 2 or 3 above, apart from the completed application form, an ID copy is needed for natural persons, whereas for legal entities it is needed a copy of the owner’s ID and a copy of the business registration certificate.

Click here to download the Credit Report application form

For natural persons the credit report is free once a year. Any additional report within that year should be paid 3 Euros. Legal persons shall pay 3 Euros for each report. Payment is made at the CBK account 1000700010000136 with the description “CRK Credit Report”.
Attached to the Credit Report will be a list with definitions of terms used to facilitate reading and understanding it.