Credit Registry

Preparation for the establishment of a Credit Registry, managed by the Central Bank of Republic of Kosovo (CBK) began in 2004, and through the Banking Rule No. XXVIII on credit reporting, it became mandatory the reporting of credit information by credit institutions.  At the same time began the development of a modern technological system for Credit Registry.  This system was completed in 2005 and the name of the Credit Registry of Kosovo (CRK)  was introduced in early 2006. 

 According to the banking Rule no.  XXVIII and based on the developed CRK system, Operational Guidelines for the CRK were released at the same time.

Currently is into force “Credit Registry regulation” which repeals Regulation on Credit Register, (24 February 2012).
Regulation on Credit Registry is complemented by the Credit Register Guidance

 The purpose of the Credit Registry system is gathering and dissemination of positive and negative information on natural and legal persons in order to improve the process for assessment of credit customers and accomplishment of the Central Bank supervisory function. 

 In this way, the Credit Registry helps the lender in taking the right decision within a shorter time, in more accurate and more objective way.