Bank of Albania in Tirana organises the Annual Conference on the topic: “Aligning monetary policy with financial stability – their objectives, responses and interaction in times of uncertainty”


Bank of Albania, in cooperation with the Centre of European Studies at University of Oxford, has organized its annual conference on the topic: "Aligning monetary policy with financial stability – their objectives, responses and interaction in times of uncertainty." The conference was attended by Governors of Central Banks of the region, high-level representatives and management boards from central banks, ambassadors in Albania, representatives from international financial institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.
The conference was also attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Mr Edi Rama, ministers and members of the Albanian Parliament.

Central Bank of Kosovo was represented by the Governor Mr. Bedri Hamza, who was also a panellist on the third sessions of this conference. Conference proceedings opened with the welcome speech of the Governor Sejko and a speech from Prime Minister Rama and Mr. Othon Anastasakis, Director of South East European Studies at University of Oxford. The conference was divided into three sessions: the first session of the conference explored the potential political and economic challenges and implications resulting from the United Kingdom leaving the EU a phenomenon known as Brexit in the European integration process. During the second session, discussions focused on the effects of the current developments in the new reality that the Eurozone and the region are facing. Discussions focused also on the necessary ways to coordinate the monetary policy with financial stability and its significance for central banks objectives and positive and negative aspects arising from this coordination. While at the third session, known as the panel of Governors, discussions focused on the adequacy of the policy instruments in dealing the current problems, and the use of tools and instruments of the monetary policy and financial stability interchangeably. Panellists shared their opinions and views on these issues and trends that are passing through the respective countries. This conference, in addition to the Governor of the CBK, was also attended by the Chairman of the Board of CBK Mr. Bedri Peci and Board members Mr. Behgjet Brajshori and Mr. Nuhi Ahmeti. During this Conference, CBK’s delegation led by Governor Hamza had meetings with their counterparts from the Central Banks as well as senior officials of financial institutions.