Acting Governor is having annual meetings with the IMF and the World Bank


In the wake of IMF and World Bank meetings being held in Washington D.C the CBK delegation headed by Acting Governor of the CBK, Mr. Fehmi Mehmeti , held meetings with the senior official of the American Treasury, PAUL Leonovich and his team. At this meeting, Acting Governor Mehmeti thanked the USA for the contribution given in building Kosovo institutions and also expressed gratitude for the great contribution the US Treasury has provided for the capacity building of the CBK.
In the meeting were discussed the activities the CBK is undertaking to maintain financial stability and further steps that need to be taken to help the financial system to accelerate economic growth.

Mr. LEONOVICH thanked Acting Governor Mehmeti for the long-standing cooperation of the US Treasury with Kosovo and expressed readiness to support Kosovo's further development.
Both agreed for continuous support from the US Treasury to the CBK for further development of priority areas.
Acting Governor Mehmeti met also the IMF Deputy Director, Mr. Tao ZHANG with whom he exchanged general sector developments and thanked him for the ongoing support of the IMF to the CBK over the years.
Acting Governor Mehmeti then continued his meetings with the IMF European Department Director Mr. Paul Thomsen, the Constituency Director, part of which is Kosovo, Ms. Michaela Erbenova, and Deputy Director of the Monetary and Capital Markets Department, Ms. Ratna Sahay.
Acting Governor Mehmeti received support for the CBK work so far and for the activities in the future.