The Governor’s Cabinet

The Governor’s Cabinet consists of advisers and assistants. The Governor’s Cabinet supports the organization and implementation of the Governor’s agenda and is responsible for relevant coordination with deputy governors and other senior staff members. The Governor’s Cabinet regularly communicates and cooperates closely with other CBK organizational units regarding significant operational and administrative issues.

The Governor’s Cabinet main functions are as following:
• Assist and advise the Governor on general and special matters;
• Supervision of specific issues/duties determined by the Governor and ensuring their implementation;
• Supervision and supporting of organizational units under the direct supervision of the Governor;
• Communication and cooperation with the CBK relevant organizational units if requested by the Governor;
• Secretarial and logistics work associated with Governor’s daily activities within and outside the CBK;
• Review of various documents within and outside the CBK addressed to the Governor;
• Maintaining files and important documents received or sent by the Governor.