CBK Governing Board

Bashkim NurbojaChairman of CBK Board
Ahmet IsmailiMember of CBK Board
Nora Latifi JashariMember of CBK Board
Nexhat Kryeziu Member of CBK Board
Arta HoxhaMember of CBK Board

The Central Bank Board
In accordance with the Law on Central Bank of Republic of Kosovo, the Central Bank Board shall comprise the Governor and four (4) non-executive members and shall be charged with the supervision of the implementation of the policies, and the supervision of the administration and the operations of the Central Bank.
The Central Bank Board shall have the following powers and tasks to:
• adopt all regulations of the Central Bank and supervise the implementation of the
policies and the execution of the tasks of the Central Bank;
• adopt the regulation on emergency liquidity assistance, as proposed by the
Executive Board;
• approve the appointment of the Chief Internal Auditor on the recommendation of
the Governor;
• appoint the Deputy Governors on proposal from the Governor;
• appoint the Secretary of the Central Bank Board on proposal from the Governor;
• approve the annual budget of the Central Bank, which must also specifically
include approval of an annual remuneration plan for all employees ;
• determine the accounting policies of the Central Bank and approve the annual
report and other formal reports and financial statements of the Central Bank;
• appoint the external auditor of the Central Bank;
• decide whether the Central Bank should take on debt and determines the terms
and conditions of such debt;
• upon recommendation of the Executive Board, determine the organizational
structure of the Central Bank, including the establishment and location of offices and
operations facilities;
• adopt the rules of procedure for the Central Bank Board, and
• exercise such other powers and tasks as explicitly granted by the Law on The Central bank of Republic of Kosovo or any other Law.
The meetings of the Central Bank Board shall be chaired by the Chairperson who shall be
selected by the Central Bank Board from among its non-executive members.
The Central Bank Board shall meet as often as the business of the Central Bank may require
but not less frequently than ten (10) times per calendar year.